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Paint scraches in your car? #3488

Color-match a crayon to your paint and rub it on.

4.14 (7)

Thanks to: Anonymous - USA. - rec.:May 9, 2005 - pub.:May 9, 2005 - sent.:May 25, 2005
Odd items in a car tool kit #2291

My wife had offered to clean out my car boot. She began lifting everything out so that see could highlight the rubbish than I invariably accumulate. She eventually arrived at my car tool kit.
“OK! What are you doing with a pair of ladies tights?”
“I will use those as a temporary fan belt should the one on the car break”
“Why a potato?
“If my wipers pack in, I can rub the rear & front screen with the surface of a cut potato and it will keep the water off for about 20 minutes, giving time to find a service station.”
And the wire coat hanger?
“This has 2 uses – If my exhaust comes loose you can jam the hanger into the chassis and use the hook as a temporary hanger OR if you lose your aerial, you can cut off the twisted bit and stick the remaining bit into the aerial socket and form a diamond with the remainder.”
“Right, is this egg meant to be here?”
“Yes! If you introduce it into the radiator water, as it slowly poaches, it seals up small leaks”.
“And the packet of chewing gum?”
“Is for larger leaks, but you have to chew it for a while”.
“Why the ladies glossy magazine?”
“To roll up and use as a funnel should you run out of fuel or oil”.
“Right! What on earth is a bicycle pump useful for?”
“If your water is low and you can only find a shallow water source, then you can fill up the radiator, slowly mind you”.
“Why 2 worn foot mats?”
“I find that in icy or snowy weather, if you are having trouble getting grip then a mat under each driving wheel very often gives you that little bit of grip to get started and you will notice that they each have a anchor rope and hook so that I don’t need to stop until the road surface improves”.
“Now I’ve got you “she said her eyes gleaning, “A long carved wooden tent peg?”
“Thanks, I’ve been wondering where that had got to. It’s out of the tent bag.”
She returned a few minutes later. “May I borrow your radiator top-up thing; I’ve a puncture in my bike’s front tire.”
(They may seen strange items, but all of them have been used by very close friends or me over the years but some could now be out of date)

3.88 (8)

Thanks to: Mike Swindlehurst - Bournemouth - United Kingdom - rec.:Feb 25, 2004 - pub.:Mar 1, 2004 - sent.:Mar 16, 2004
Take it easy on your tires! #784

Look for built-in treadwear indicators called "wear bars" which are narrow strips of smooth rubber across the tread. When these appear, it's time to replace your tires.

3.27 (11)

Thanks to: Pete Prestipino - Chicago - USA. - rec.:Nov 18, 2002 - pub.:Nov 26, 2002
To Remove Driveway-Garage oil stains #6398

Just cover the spill with a layer of powdered dishwashing detergent and let it sit for about ten minutes before sweeping away. The grease fighting ingredients in the detergent will break down the stain, and the absorbent powder will soak it all up.

4.00 (4)

Thanks to: Anonymous - USA. - rec.:Mar 9, 2016 - pub.:Mar 9, 2016 - sent.:Aug 16, 2016
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