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Removing old wall paper #4550

Just make a solution of equal parts white vinegar and hot water. Pour it into a pan wide enough for a paint roller. Then simply roll the solution onto the walls. It may take two or three applications, but your wallpaper should peel right off.

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Thanks to: Anonymous - USA. - rec.:Jun 6, 2006 - pub.:Jun 6, 2006 - sent.:Aug 3, 2006
Stuffed animals falling off shelves #4338

Just affix a strip of Velcro to the wall and Velcro pieces to stuffed toys to make clean up easy and fun for little kids.

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Thanks to: Anonymous - USA. - rec.:Apr 11, 2006 - pub.:Apr 11, 2006 - sent.:Aug 25, 2006
Keep Flowers Fresher #5061

A teaspoon of sugar and a few drops of lemon juice will help keep flowers fresh longer.

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No More Crumbs #5165

There is growing concern in many regions of the world about the sudden increase in harmful algae that are choking out plants in our water sources—plants that our fish and insects need in order to survive. Algae bloom is linked to high phosphate content in our lakes and streams.

Therefore, you should look for a dishwasher gel that won’t worsen this problem. In order to do this, find one that does not use phosphates. Without the presence of phosphates, bleach, or petroleum agents, the dishwashing gel is safe for all septic systems. The gel should also be biodegradable so it will not pollute our streams or bodies of water. Natural ingredients provide lasting benefits while getting the job done completely the first time.

Smells Wonderful

Many dishwashing detergents have a chemical scent that leaves you feeling cold. Therefore, take a moment to investigate the smell of the dishwashing gel in order to make sure it is pleasing to your senses. One popular scent is that of fresh citrus, which brings images of sun to mind.

Works Even Better

The concentrated formula of a high quality dishwashing gel can power away baked on messes and greasy deposits. Yet, it should be able to rinse away cleanly and quickly in order to eliminate the annoying water spots that can cause dishes to look dirty.

Use Less

Normal dishwashing detergents require you to fill the detergent cup and the extra cup for dirtier dishes. With a high quality product, you shouldn’t need to use any more than two tablespoons for small loads and up to four tablespoons for larger loads. Of course, it might take some adjusting to find the right amount for your dishwashing machine, but that is easy.

In general, you should be using less than half of the amount of dishwashing liquid that you normally use and still find that your dishes are cleaner than ever. Meanwhile, you are will be saving money by using less product.

You can have clean dishes from an environmentally friendly dishwashing product. – and enjoy the rewards of having clean dishes on the first attempt!

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Thanks to: Vincent P Platania - h - USA. - rec.:Apr 21, 2007 - pub.:May 8, 2007 - sent.:May 23, 2007
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