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Bug & Insect Eradicator #1825

Grow "Tansy" an inedible herb in your back yard. Bring in a bouquet. Place in container. It will dry. Leave it all year. No bugs, no spiders. Not dangerous to animals.

4.33 (9)

Thanks to: Virginia Farrell - USA. - rec.:Aug 2, 2003 - pub.:Aug 15, 2003 - sent.:Mar 14, 2016
Fabric softener #1670

Out of fabric softener? Make your own by diluting hair conditioner with an equal part of water

4.22 (9)

Thanks to: Anonymous - USA. - rec.:Jul 8, 2003 - pub.:Jul 8, 2003 - sent.:May 7, 2017
Washing Sneakers? #1384

If you blast some spray starch on sneakers before wearing them,
they will be easier to launder since the dirt won’t grind in. Wash them in
the machine and they’ll come out spanking clean!

4.22 (9)

Thanks to: Anonymous - USA. - rec.:Apr 17, 2003 - pub.:Apr 17, 2003 - sent.:Aug 5, 2016
Mold Disinfectant #5602

We hardly ever think about mold . . . that is until we see our red tomatoes, green peppers, or brown breads turn green. The fact is mold - a living fungus – is practically ubiquitous yet often unseen in our homes. And the only way to keep it at bay before it makes us ill is to use some effective mold disinfectant.

Mold spreads by emitting tiny spores into the air. These spores, invisible to the naked eye, flock to warm, damp areas where they can find food. Molds love just about everything in our houses including our wallpaper, blankets, carpets, clothing, ceiling tiles, and even books. Basically anywhere warm with a bit of moisture makes a perfect mold home, which is why mold disinfectants are so important to use.

The most common symptoms of mold exposure are runny nose, burning, itchy eyes, cough, and even asthma or other respiratory ailments. However, just as not every person sneezes when cats are near or when pollen counts are high, not everyone experiences overt symptoms when living in mold-filled homes. But even if you’re supposedly symptom-free, breathing mold spores can harm your overall, long-term health, which is why it’s vital to contact your local health department to learn how to rid your house of mold.

Taking Action

Since mold is usually invisible to the naked eye, your first indication of the unwanted fungi is a noticeably damp, musty, mildew-like odor in certain parts of your home.
You can learn more about mold detection and elimination in certain get mold out of my house websites. Mold can grow in your house after any kind of water spill, be it a flooded basement, broken toilet, leaky washing machine, etc. As anyone of these mishaps can occur at anytime, you ought to have a mold disinfectant in one of your cabinet In fact, if you live in a damp or humid climate, in temperatures that range from 40 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, then you ought to have mold disinfectant at your fingertips.

To prevent mold from becoming a permanent and unwelcome houseguest, you’ll need to take definitive steps to find these elusive fungi. You must erase indications of mold or it will continue to spread like wildfire.

To prepare for your fight against mold, be sure to avoid touching or breathing mold spores. You’ll need to fortify yourself with eye goggles, a mask covering your nose and mouth, and gloves made of latex or rubber. Be sure to wear washable clothes since you’ll need to put them directly into the washing machine when you have finished your mold disinfectant battle.

To prevent mold from resurfacing, you should vacuum carpets and clean counters and sinks on a regular basis. Be especially attentive to damp areas in your house. Be sure to repair leaks right away and use mold disinfectant to prevent spores from propagating.


Because bathrooms are often warm and humid with many

Bathrooms attract mold because they are damp, in the ideal temperature range, and there are lots of goodies to feed on, using a mold disinfectant on a routine basis is essential You may even want to make a bathroom cleaning check sheet to make sure you don’t overlook any mold producing hotspots. Be sure to add such items as:

• Scrubbing shower curtains with mold disinfectant
• Washing towels, bath mats, and area rugs regularly
• Methodically cleaning sinks, tubs, showers, and toilets
• Washing uncarpeted flooring

When you work with your bathroom cleaning check sheet each time, you won’t forget any one of these vital tasks.

Pressure washing products work best to rid your decks, sidings, or roofs of unwanted mold.

No one wants to live with mold, so just a little vigilance, and good cleaning products will take this unwanted houseguest out of your homes forever.

4.71 (7)

Thanks to: Vincent P Platania - New York - USA. - rec.:Mar 11, 2008 - pub.:May 7, 2008 - sent.:May 16, 2008
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