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Leadership #2602

The most important quality of leadership, and the one quality for which you want to be known, is extraordinary results.

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Thanks to: femi - ikeja - Nigeria - rec.:Jul 3, 2004 - pub.:Jul 14, 2004 - sent.:Feb 4, 2016
Inspiration. #2741

A setback in life gives you an opportunity to cherish the glory inherent in a comeback to life.

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Thanks to: Esosa Ovbiebo - Benin city - Nigeria - rec.:Aug 9, 2004 - pub.:Aug 27, 2004 - sent.:Feb 1, 2016
"First's" for success #851

The first things you need to do when starting your business venture depend on your business, but a place to start might be to find out about things like licenses and permit requirements, local taxes, advertising, and storefront signage. For more information, call your:
*Local City or Town Hall
*Local Chamber of Commerce
*Local Business Association

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Thanks to: Bob Pellini - Chicago - USA. - rec.:Dec 4, 2002 - pub.:Dec 6, 2002
Most Common Reasons for Loosing your Job #5477

When working in an office with other people you have to learn to get along, no one wants to be the odd person in the office. Here are some tips that will help you get along with your fellow co workers, and keep you on the boss's good side.

Disturbing your co-workers:
Being a disturbance to the rest of the office is one of the most commonly reported complaints about a worker. It is not good to be known as the noisy one in the office because what will happen is one day the boss will ask someone why the report or whatever they were working on was not done in time and to cove their butts they will blame you for distracting them from their work.

Office Rumors:
Every day people loose their jobs for talking about other people they work with and spreading rumors. When you work in an office anything you tell someone will eventually come back to you, and if you say something bad about another co worker they will eventually find out that you are the one who said it and if they complain it is called creating a hostile workplace and not only can you get fired but you and the company can get sued for it, even if what you said was the truth. If you hear something, keep it to yourself and you will not have any problems.

Personal Calls and E-Mails:
Most supervisors and managers understand that outside the office employees have a life, and they know you are going to send and receive emails from your friends and family, but it is important to keep it to a minimum. It is also important to remember to make sure that your friends do not use any inappropriate language in the emails. Many companies have software that will spot the language and report it to your manager. Phone calls should be kept to your break times. It is not fair to your employer or your co-workers if you take extra time off during the day to talk on the phone keep personal calls to your own time except for emergencies, and making plans for Friday night is not an emergency.

Work is Not a Social Event:
It is one thing to be away from your desk for a business related reason, but no boss is going to put up with a worker who is always at someone else's desk or hanging around the break room. This will make a boss think they are paying you for nothing and you will son find yourself in the unemployment line.

When I used to work in an office I often had to work thru my lunch and eat at my desk to get things done on time. When this happens to you make sure the food you bring into the office is not overly aromatic. The last thing you want is for someone to make a complaint to human resources, because you had some food in the office that bothered someone. This may seem silly, but trust me I have seen this happen.

Cologne and Perfume:
Work is not a night club. Many of the people you share your office space with may be fine with the smell of your perfume or cologne, but some people do not like the smell and or are allergic to perfume depending how strong the smell is, it can give some people headaches, so whenever possible please do not wear any strong scents to the office.

Make Yourself at Home:
No boss would object to anyone putting up some pictures of their family, but your cubicle is not your living room. A picture is a motivator for working hard, but making yourself feel like you are at home will lower your productivity, and makes the office look less professional to visitors and perspective clients.

Before you do anything in the office always ask yourself if it could in any way bother a fellow worker if the answer is yes then do not so it. No one wants to lose their job over something stupid.

4.40 (5)

Thanks to: Lee Alderon - Bangor - USA. - rec.:Nov 1, 2007 - pub.:Nov 26, 2007 - sent.:Dec 29, 2007
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