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there are more things to live for #286

I think there are lots of other things available in our life to think of and enjoy them right now rather than provoking ourselves with misunderstandings and fussing about our temporarily misbehavior. Isn’t this time which we were looking for?.
Reza Foyouzi

3.24 (17)

Thanks to: Reza Foyouzi - Tehran - Iran - rec.:May 17, 2002 - pub.:May 19, 2002
Appreciate your life #4584

Appreciate all that you have, no matter how small. For there will always be someone who dreams of what you have.

4.11 (9)

Thanks to: ANONYMOUS - York - United Kingdom - rec.:Jun 25, 2006 - pub.:Sep 25, 2006 - sent.:Apr 29, 2016
So You Thought Living with a Friend Would Be Cool? #5399

In this article I have written the biggest problems I have found with sharing an apartment with friends of mine, after my two best friends and I decided to all move in together.

Personal Space and Quiet time: When living with friends you will not have any privacy or quiet time, and the closer the friends you are the worse it will be. You may not realize it now but you are not always in the mood to be with your friends sometimes you may want to just sit in your room and relax, and if a friend called you up you could say you were busy but if you live with a friend they will be knocking on the door and bothering you all the time, and good friends will often borrow things of yours without asking you. Where as someone you found online will usually leave you alone when your door is closed except for something important.
I can not begin to count how many times my roommates ate something I had been saving or went into my room to borrow my things without asking, and the worst part is when I asked them to not touch my things they took it as a insult like I don’t trust them with my things, or I am cheap for not letting them eat my food.

Money: When living with a roommate you found in the news paper or on the internet, the person will be more considerate to you than a friend may be when it comes to paying the bill. A friend may ask you to pay it and they will pay you back in; just a few days; but a stranger will not burden you with this. They will make sure they have the money to pay the bills.
One of my friends would always gamble in the casinos and especially the online casinos because it was easier than driving to the nearest land based casino, and sometimes he would spend all his money playing in the poker rooms or the Blackjack or Roulette table, and come the end of the month when the bills were due he would have to ask me to cover him.

Cleaning of the Shared Spaces:
In the past roommates I had found in the news paper, we always made sure that any space we shared like the kitchen or living room was kept clean. If you cooked something any mess was cleaned from the counter and pots, pans and plates would be put in the sink and were taken care of within 12 hours, but friends may take advantage of the slack you will give to a friend, because they know you would be ok with it.

When I was living with a female friend of mine she insisted that I clean up any dishes or anything I used immediately, but would always leave her dishes in the sink, or things on the table for days, because she said she did not think I would minded if she left a mess, even though she would complain if I left something soaking in the sink because she did not like to see it when she came home from work.

Electrical Usage: I have found a stranger will be more conscious of their electricity usage because you are paying half the bill, but in my experiences friends will use more electricity or forget to turn things like the AC off, because friends have a tendency to be less considerate for one another.

When living with friends I would constantly come home and find my roommates using the dryer even though we agreed only 1 usage a week per roommate, and the worst was how often I would come home to find the AC on in one of the bedrooms and no one is even home. This is a very common way for friends to take advantage of one another.

By the time I eventually moved out of that apartment I was no longer on speaking terms with my former best friends and that is why I recommend that you do not ever move in or allow friends to move in with you.

5.00 (6)

Thanks to: E Curtis - Minneapolis - USA. - rec.:Aug 28, 2007 - pub.:Aug 30, 2007
Loving your parents #2156

Don’t wait for Mother or Father’s day to show your love and gratitude to your parents.

4.57 (7)

Thanks to: Junad Alom - United Kingdom - rec.:Jan 11, 2004 - pub.:Feb 2, 2004 - sent.:Jul 25, 2016
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