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Ball games #2357

I have played Soccer, Tennis, Cricket, Squash, Badminton and the 3 most useful tips that were given to me were: -
- Put all you have into looking for a spot or other such marking on the ball until it leaves your racquet or bat ~ this prevents you taking your eye off the ball.
- It’s never over 'til it's over ~ no matter what the score is' keep cool and keep up your effort ~ don't let your shoulders drop.
- Keep your cool and don't be tempted to try too hard, 95% of mistakes are caused by trying too hard. You must practice everyday until you are able to relax and let your body do what it wants to do.
What brought these to my attention, and were emphasized in a Bob Harman tennis book, was that I played my best tennis shots when we were knocking up, when the service was out and other such stress free moments.

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Thanks to: Mike Swindlehurst - Bournemouth - United Kingdom - rec.:Mar 13, 2004 - pub.:Apr 21, 2004 - sent.:Jul 21, 2015
10 tips for Better Bunker Play #791

Here are some things to keep in mind to better your bunker play:
1) Keep an open stance
2) Ball should be positioned ahead of center of lead foot
3) Feet dug into sand to anchor; toes are deeper than heels
4) Choke down on grip to adjust for buried feet
5) Take grip with clubface open
6) Swing club back to a position that has the lead arm parallel with the ground with the wrists fully cocked
7) Hit 2 inches behind the ball
8) Accelerate through the shot
9) Practice is critical

3.93 (15)

Thanks to: Peter Prestipino - Chicago - USA. - rec.:Nov 18, 2002 - pub.:Nov 26, 2002 - sent.:Jan 24, 2016
Making a smoother stroke when you putt #899

When you putt the ball, your stroke should look much like the pendulum of a clock swinging back and forth. You can learn this stroke in your own home by following these easy steps. 1. Lay a quarter on the floor. 2. Take a piece of string 12 inches long and lay it on the floor on the line of your putter stroke. 3. Address the quarter with your putter just like you were going to putt. 4. Working with a range of 6 inches back and 6 inches forward, swing your putting back and forward very slowly along with string.

Practice this continuous motion keeping the putting line straight.

3.58 (19)

Thanks to: Tom - Independence - USA. - rec.:Dec 12, 2002 - pub.:Dec 13, 2002 - sent.:May 27, 2013
Fishing Reel Antireverse #967

The anti-reverse on a fishing reel is the devise that prevents the spool from turning the opposite direction. This can be a critical little devise since setting the hook is what fishing is all about and if you have an older style reel, with a loose anti-reverse, it can back up and inch or so when you try to set the hook. Many fishermen think, I'll get a new rod but I'm still satisfied with the old reel. Unfortunately, many fishermen loose fish because they are using an old style reel with a "loose" anti-reverse devise. Always ask for a demonstration of the anti-reverse before buying any new reel, if the spool backs up even a small amount you are reducing your chances of setting the hook - Good Fishing!

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Thanks to: Richard Smith - Watervliet - USA. - rec.:Jan 6, 2003 - pub.:Feb 24, 2003
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