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Fishing Rod Blank Materials #965

Much confusion exists in the materials used for fishing rods! For a traditional rod with slow response time you will want a "glass" (fiberglass) rod blank or even better the new E-glass. But for faster response and greater sensitivity you need some form of graphite - A graphite composite, is a mix with some graphite and some glass used, today these will be mostly in the more moderate price ranges but are excellent value since they have good sensitivity and are very durable. Next, you move into the higher modulus blanks of IM6 at about 44 million modulus, IM7, etc., etc. - The higher the modulus or IM number the more sensitive the rod will be. Very high modulus rods will feel stiffer but that comes with the territory of more sensitivity! Watch out for high modulus rod in very cold weather - They become brittle and are easier to snap!

3.80 (5)

Thanks to: lietRichard Smith - Waterv - USA. - rec.:Jan 6, 2003 - pub.:Feb 24, 2003
Breathable Fabrics or Regular Garments #4500

Leaves have a neat way of getting rid of water vapour. They have chambers with tiny pores (stomata) that allow water vapour to escape (transpiration).

Have you seen people wearing clothes having almost the same expertise? Clothes, which are elastic, non-absorbent, weatherproof and lightweight and fits any form!

Just imagine someone wearing an outfit that removes sweat from the skin thus keeping it dry and comfortable; regulates heat, keeping muscles and joints warm without overheating; provides compressive support for muscles, ligaments and joints; increases blood flow!

Such garments are now available in market with all those above-mentioned facilities. It has hollow cavities and tiny, raised holes - just like the stomata, which allow plants to cool themselves and regulate moisture loss through transpiration.

Not only as a sports fabric or as orthopaedic supports or as military clothing, general people, who want to loose weight naturally, without being soaked in sweat while running, are using such garments.

They feel that these breathable fabrics are too good for daily rough wear and tear. Fabrics like those that Stomatex is used to make all forms of athletic vests, shorts, back belts and knee supports. Products like wet suits, surfing wetsuits, survival suits, thermal underwear and warm-up suits are always in demand round the world.

Nevertheless, how does it work?

It uses a pattern of dome-shaped vapour chambers. Each chamber has a tiny pore in the centre. While resting, excess body heat and perspiration rise into the dome-shaped chambers and exit through the tiny pores at a controlled rate. The chambers contract and stretch with each movement of the body, causing excess heat and perspiration to be pumped out of the small pores (This also allows cooler, drier air to enter from the outside).
The unique pumping action of the vapour chambers increases and decreases with the user's level of physical activity.

Over the years, Neoprene, which has holes punched through it, was employed in many applications, primarily because until now there has not been a better alternative. While fabrics like Stomatex have advantages over traditional Neoprene in certain circumstances, the size and formation of the holes significantly reduce the insulation value resulting in condensation of sweat and cooling of the skin. It also causes significant changes in the material's compressive and elastic qualities.

Now it is really the time to dress in green leaves rather than simple clothes.

3.40 (5)

Thanks to: Peter Mason - London - United Kingdom - rec.:May 24, 2006 - pub.:Sep 5, 2006 - sent.:Oct 31, 2006
Guide Material for Fishing Rods #964

When buying a new fishing rod make note of the material used in the guides. Aluminum oxide, Silicon Carbide (SiC) or Titanium will stand up to the new fishing lines used today while older ceramic or stainless steel guides will cut and abrade/weaken your line with every cast.

3.40 (5)

Thanks to: Richard Smith - Watervliet - USA. - rec.:Jan 6, 2003 - pub.:Feb 24, 2003
Save Time in the Weight Room #6254

To save time in the weight room, only lift with dumbells. Why?
Because you do not need a spotter, you work your stablizing muscles better, you do not need to spend time putting weights on the bar, you do not need to spend time taking weights off the bar, and when you do load up the bar to find out your max, you can do more because of the better workout your stablizer muscles received from the dumbells.

4.00 (3)

Thanks to: Mike Sitton - USA. - rec.:Nov 19, 2011 - pub.:Sep 4, 2013 - sent.:Sep 28, 2013
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