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Words, Hugs, Thoughts, Hearts.... #3783

Words that come from deep within the soul
Convey warmth that makes one feel whole
Hugs are part of expressing true emotion
Special human contact delivering devotion
Thoughts are forever eternal to the mind
As they give birth to memories that bind
Hearts have eyes with which they can see
The many visible kinds of love meant to be.

4.56 (9)

Thanks to: Julie Sullivan - Louisiana - USA. - rec.:Aug 11, 2005 - pub.:Oct 11, 2005 - sent.:Feb 17, 2011
Death is Inevitable #3525

There is an Eastern fable, told long ago, of a traveler overtaken on a plain by an enraged beast. Escaping from the beast he gets into a dry well, but sees at the bottom of the well a dragon that has opened its jaws to swallow him. And the unfortunate man, not daring to climb out lest he should be destroyed by the enraged beast, and not daring to leap to the bottom of the well lest he should be eaten by the dragon, seizes a twig growing in a crack in the well and clings to it. His hands are growing weaker and he feels he will soon have to resign himself to the destruction that awaits him above or below, but still he clings on. Then he sees that two mice, a black one and a white one, go regularly round and round the stem of the twig to which he is clinging and gnaw at it. And soon the twig itself will snap and he will fall into the dragon's jaws. The traveler sees this and knows that he will inevitably perish; but while still hanging he looks around, sees some drops of honey on the leaves of the twig, reaches them with his tongue and licks them. So I too clung to the twig of life, knowing that the dragon of death was inevitably awaiting me, ready to tear me to pieces; and I could not understand why I had fallen into such torment. I tried to lick the honey, which formerly consoled me, but the honey no longer gave me pleasure, and the white and black mice of day and night gnawed at the branch by which I hung. I saw the dragon clearly and the honey no longer tasted sweet. I only saw the inescapable dragon and the mice, and I could not tear my gaze from them. And this is not a fable but the real unanswerable truth intelligible to all.

The deception of the joys of life that formerly allayed my terror of the dragon now no longer deceived me. No matter how often I may be told, "You cannot understand the meaning of life so do not think about it, but live," I can no longer do it: I have already done it too long. I cannot now help seeing day and night going round and bringing me to death. That is all I see, for that alone is true. All else is false.

The two drops of honey, which diverted my eyes from the cruel truth longer than the rest: my love of family, and of writing - art as I called it - were no longer sweet to me.

"Family"...said I to myself. But my family - wife and children - are also human. They are placed just as I am: they must either live in a lie or see the terrible truth. Why should they live? Why should I love them, guard them, bring them up, or watch them? That they may come to the despair that I feel, or else be stupid? Loving them, I cannot hide the truth from them: each step in knowledge leads them to the truth. And the truth is death....

No sweetness of honey could be sweet to me when I saw the dragon and saw the mice gnawing away my support.

Nor was that all. Had I simply understood that life had no meaning I could have borne it quietly, knowing that that was my lot. But I could not satisfy myself with that. Had I been like a man living in a wood from which he knows there is no exit, I could have lived; but I was like one lost in a wood who, horrified at having lost his way, rushes about wishing to find the road. He knows that each step he takes confuses him more and more, but still he cannot help rushing about.

~Leo Tolstoy

5.00 (7)

Thanks to: Travis K. Sullivan - Indianapolis - USA. - rec.:May 19, 2005 - pub.:Jun 7, 2005 - sent.:Jan 10, 2012
St. Valentine’s Day #4103

Often in my dreams,
I have breakfast with you.
I sit beside you on your sofa.
I walk with you in your
beautiful garden.
I embrace you daily in my
thoughts a thousand times.

- Dante –
(to Beatrice in the Divine Comedy)

4.00 (10)

Thanks to: Anonymous - USA. - rec.:Jan 2, 2006 - pub.:Jan 2, 2006 - sent.:Feb 15, 2010
Live Life Simple & sensible #2286

Take Life as a game not as a treasure hunt; or you will miss all the fun.

3.82 (11)

Thanks to: Maru - Singapore - Singapore - rec.:Feb 24, 2004 - pub.:Mar 1, 2004 - sent.:Aug 30, 2009
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