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Hunting tips... #6036

I hope these tips can help you to make your hunting experience better! First, you have to wear clothes and camouflage your face so you can blend with the environment. Always prepare your shooting lane before you start hunting. Be careful not to make noise while cleaning the ground. Stay in areas where you can be silhouetted. Staying on your stand as much as possible, even a whole day, will let you hide your movement patterns to the animal.

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Thanks to: Dale Johnson - Akron, OH - USA. - rec.:Feb 2, 2010 - pub.:Feb 2, 2010
Switch Colors, Not Lures #6020

If fish aren’t biting on a particular lure, it may just be the color that’s keeping them away. For example, if bass aren't hitting a watermelon colored lizard, then you could try switching to a junebug colored lizard. Sometimes, fish will be drawn towards a color before they will zero in on a certain lure. This isn’t always the case but I’ve had some luck with it over the years.

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Thanks to: Mary - Denver, CO - USA. - rec.:Feb 2, 2010 - pub.:Feb 2, 2010
How to handle a fish in the water #6021

If you want to ensure a safe release, avoid using a net when catching a fish unless it has teeth. The net can scrape off the oils and slime which protect the fish. If you’re handling bass by the lip, be sure to hold the fish vertically. If you must hold the fish horizontally, support its tail with one hand and its head with another, being careful not to break its jaw.

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Thanks to: Anonymous - Rapid City - USA. - rec.:Feb 2, 2010 - pub.:Feb 2, 2010
How to clean a fish #6012

First you want to wash the whole fish with clean water. Then you can you as fish scaler to remove the scales. You can also use the dull edge of a knife to scrape off the scales. Start on the tail side and use quick, short strokes in the direction of the head. Then make a long cut from the gills to the vent to remove the entrails. Be sure to rinse the cavity very well. If you plan on cooking the fish whole, you’ll want to remove the dorsal fin by cutting along each side of it and carefully pulling it out with pliers. Wash the fish again after this step. Your fish is now ready to cook. If you plan on cooking at a later time, you can store the fish in clean ice until you’re ready to cook.

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Thanks to: Billy - Des Moines - USA. - rec.:Jan 26, 2010 - pub.:Jan 26, 2010
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