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  [12] Breaking your Addictions  1 2 3  
E-cigarettes #6462

E-cigarettes do not help with smoking cessation; up to 1 in 5 smokers has used electronic cigarettes in an attempt to quit; yet a review of 38 studies by researchers at the University of California at San Francisco suggests relying on e-cigarettes reduces the chance of success by 28% compared with using other nicotine-replacement products or quitting cold turkey. Study authors note e-cigarettes encourage continued smoking and don’t help people develop alternate coping strategies.

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Thanks to: Anonymous - USA. - rec.:Aug 23, 2016 - pub.:Aug 23, 2016 - sent.:Nov 12, 2016
Cut out sugar! #6057

Decrease your sugar intake gradually making some changes in your diet. For example, add less sugar to your morning coffee or replace soda for water or natural juice. Buy brown rice instead of white rice. Also you can replace white bread with a whole grain alternative. These simple things can help you to begin a new life by replacing sugar with healthier foods.

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Thanks to: Jackson B - San Antonio - USA. - rec.:Feb 8, 2010 - pub.:Feb 8, 2010
Kids and Sugar… #6058

If you have kids is better if you go to the grocery store alone! Otherwise it will be difficult for you to come back home without sugary treats. If your kids are grown enough maybe a good idea is to give them a list of hidden sugars and artificial sweeteners so they can help you at the supermarket to check out what products are healthy or not. You can even turn it into a fun game like playing “Sugar detectives”. Another thing to consider is that most kids love fruit juice so try diluting it gradually to the point where you are just adding a splash to the top of water!

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Thanks to: Margaret Brown - Thousand Oaks, CA - USA. - rec.:Feb 8, 2010 - pub.:Feb 8, 2010
Advice to help quit smoking #6055

Try changing your environment. For example, pick a new place to eat lunch where you don´t have to be with smokers and you won´t feel the temptation of smoking. Beware, sometimes we pass from an addiction to another, for example coffee or chewing gum so try to keep a balance with the other things you pick up. You know that most cravings subside within 15 or 20 minutes!! So distract yourself, keep your hands and mind busy and temptation will fade.

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Thanks to: Lisa W. - Chicago, IL - USA. - rec.:Feb 8, 2010 - pub.:Feb 8, 2010
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