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  [10] Breaking your Addictions  1 2 3 
Addicted to caffeine? #6059

First of all you have to stop drinking coffee and sodas that have large amounts of caffeine. Replace them with decaf, natural juice or ginger ale that doesn´t have caffeine. Most of the time caffeine is used to replace sleep so this needs to end! If you sleep well coffee won´t be necessary. After the second day of caffeine abstinence headaches often appear, but just take an aspirin. If you try this for 2 weeks you´ll be free from your coffee addiction!

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Thanks to: James L. - Dover - USA. - rec.:Feb 8, 2010 - pub.:Feb 8, 2010
On how to stop smoking #6149

I knew it was not going to be easy quitting that smoking habit! In fact, instead of bringing those who hated to see me smoke into helping me stop; I brought them to understand that ‘I smoke when I was either having a case of the blues or when I was a bit drunk.’ On one of my birthdays, I told my wife I didn't want a gift but I would offer her one myself. "And just what is that gift?" she smiled scornfully.
"I am going to quit smoking and that is my gift", I said. "Then just don't tell me! Tell all your friends with whom you go beer-swilling and I pray God should hear you," she said with a shrug.
I went ahead and told all my friends. Most of them laughed and some wished me luck, now I had just gotten myself into trouble! “Now if I had the urge to smoke I had to hide in order to avoid my friend’s remarks regarding the empty promise I would make every birthday.” One morning as I was brushing my nicotine stained teeth and thinking my wife was nowhere near me, I shouted to myself 'I really have to stop this nonsense!!' She popped her head through the bathroom door and asked: 'did you say something, honey?' "No!” I said and that was the day I stopped.
Emmanuel Fofung

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Thanks to: Emmanuel FOFUNG - Yaoundé - Cameroon - rec.:Jul 28, 2010 - pub.:Sep 9, 2013 - sent.:Oct 30, 2013
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