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  [12] Breaking your Addictions  1 2 3 
Ask yourself why? #6056

The right questions you should ask yourself to help you quit smoking! Do you really want to stop smoking? Remind yourself every day why you are quitting? Why should I quit Smoking? Look forward; see the benefits of stopping smoking. Also an important thing is to be patient with yourself and don´t despair. Try to go for a walk, listen to relaxing music, read a book, motivate yourself in other activities. Remember the most important thing - Be positive!! Success always starts in our minds.

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Thanks to: Janet Williams - Boston, MA - USA. - rec.:Feb 8, 2010 - pub.:Feb 8, 2010
Addicted to caffeine? #6059

First of all you have to stop drinking coffee and sodas that have large amounts of caffeine. Replace them with decaf, natural juice or ginger ale that doesn´t have caffeine. Most of the time caffeine is used to replace sleep so this needs to end! If you sleep well coffee won´t be necessary. After the second day of caffeine abstinence headaches often appear, but just take an aspirin. If you try this for 2 weeks you´ll be free from your coffee addiction!

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Thanks to: James L. - Dover - USA. - rec.:Feb 8, 2010 - pub.:Feb 8, 2010
On how to stop smoking #6149

I knew it was not going to be easy quitting that smoking habit! In fact, instead of bringing those who hated to see me smoke into helping me stop; I brought them to understand that ‘I smoke when I was either having a case of the blues or when I was a bit drunk.’ On one of my birthdays, I told my wife I didn't want a gift but I would offer her one myself. "And just what is that gift?" she smiled scornfully.
"I am going to quit smoking and that is my gift", I said. "Then just don't tell me! Tell all your friends with whom you go beer-swilling and I pray God should hear you," she said with a shrug.
I went ahead and told all my friends. Most of them laughed and some wished me luck, now I had just gotten myself into trouble! “Now if I had the urge to smoke I had to hide in order to avoid my friend’s remarks regarding the empty promise I would make every birthday.” One morning as I was brushing my nicotine stained teeth and thinking my wife was nowhere near me, I shouted to myself 'I really have to stop this nonsense!!' She popped her head through the bathroom door and asked: 'did you say something, honey?' "No!” I said and that was the day I stopped.
Emmanuel Fofung

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Thanks to: Emmanuel FOFUNG - Yaoundé - Cameroon - rec.:Jul 28, 2010 - pub.:Sep 9, 2013 - sent.:Oct 30, 2013
Craving Ice? #6468

Craving and chewing substances that have no nutritional value such as ice, paper, cornstarch, baking soda, clay, is called pica. If you are addicted to any of these substances, it can be a signal of iron or zinc insufficiency. Correcting the deficiency may calm the craving.

-Mayo Clinic

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Thanks to: Anonymous - USA. - rec.:Aug 24, 2016 - pub.:Aug 24, 2016 - sent.:Oct 1, 2016
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