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Customized 404 pages #751

When web pages are removed from your site, the server will generate a 404 when a visitor attempts to view that page. After reviewing my own web logs, I decided to customize my 404 pages with working hyperlinks from my site and added several banners so that the 404 page not only explained that the page they were looking for no longer existed, but helped direct them to another area of my site instead of risking the chance that they might just navigate away!

3.88 (8)

Thanks to: Peter Prestipino - Chicago - USA. - rec.:Nov 5, 2002 - pub.:Nov 5, 2002
Keyboard #5607

If you want to keep your keyboard looking and working like new cover it with a piece of plastic when not in use.

3.44 (9)

Thanks to: Jose Couselo - Cathedral City - USA. - rec.:Mar 12, 2008 - pub.:May 7, 2008
Submitting to Search Engines and Directories #771

With search engines changing pace with one another, cycling algorithms, switching databases, changing the rules, and modifying policies and terms of use, I have found one common thread throughout the years. I have one rule of thumb for submitting to search engines that hasn’t failed me yet. Submit no more than 2 pages per domain, per day to any engine. When possible, submit one URL of each domain with www and one without. Submit pages as you create and upload them or save time by doing all of your submission at the end of the day or week. Keep a log of date of submission for reference purposes.
So that is easy enough. But what search engines and how often? This is where a general breakdown becomes necessary. It is important to have a basic education of what directories databases and “powered by” search engine are using. Outlined below are the top priority search engines to submit to and a general reference to what sites they update to, are updated by, and other information on how to get “in”. Manual submission is key!

3.63 (8)

Thanks to: - Boca Raton - USA. - rec.:Nov 11, 2002 - pub.:Nov 12, 2002
Preserving Important Computer Documents #4664

Do computer problems always lead to loss of important documents? Do you find yourself without a copy of your CV when you are far from home? You may solve all these problems by periodically sending your documents to your web address (even working drafts)as attachments. When your computer crashes, you can access your document from any PC by opening your mail. You can also access and print your CV from any cyber cafe in the world and don't have to worry when you forget your information disc or memory stick.

3.63 (8)

Thanks to: Olex Kamowa - Leeds - United Kingdom - rec.:Aug 28, 2006 - pub.:Sep 25, 2006 - sent.:Oct 4, 2006
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