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Internet scams move to social media #5987

Our inboxes get bombarded by spam and scams every day, and if that wasn't enough, now the scammers have moved their game to social media websites, like Facebook. Hackers can enter someone's profile and send a plea to all their friends asking for money which is then wired to the hacker without the user ever knowing about it.

If someone posts or sends you a message asking for money, contact them directly through telephone to alert them first. Be careful in choosing your "friends" and update your privacy settings so that you limit what information is available to others. You can change settings to give lesser acquaintances a "limited" access to your profile. And report any suspicious behavior to website administrators so they can respond and create more safeguards.

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Thanks to: Anonymous - USA. - rec.:Dec 1, 2009 - pub.:Dec 1, 2009
Computer Error Message #6562

Message: “There is a Problem with this Website’s Security Certificate.”
“Every site offering commerce or storing private information has a security certificate that confirms its legitimacy. “If you see this message on a site you want to use, check back in 24 hours and it may be fixed. Companies occasionally forget to renew them.” If the problem is still not resolved, it’s best not to use the site. A security-certificate problem means that the site could be bogus and your ID, password, and personal information could be compromised.
- Patricia Harris – Geek Squad Academy Instructor

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Thanks to: Anonymous - USA. - rec.:Nov 10, 2016 - pub.:Nov 10, 2016 - sent.:Jan 24, 2017
Computer #6561

Message: “This Accessory May Not Be Supported.”
This is a message that appears on an Apple device when you use a cord or another accessory not licensed by Apple or its partners. “The lighting-port cable (small connector you plug in to the bottom of a device) is proprietary Apple technology.”
“If you are seeing this it’s likely the company that made your cord is using Apples technology without paying a licensing fee. The cord may still charge your device, but it could be over-or under powering it, which can damage the phone.” It is not always essential to use an Apple product, though: If an accessory’s packaging reads, “Certified by Apple,” it should work as well as an Apple product.
-Jason R. Rich – The Apple Communications Team

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Thanks to: Anonymous - USA. - rec.:Nov 10, 2016 - pub.:Nov 10, 2016 - sent.:Jan 30, 2017
Save on your Data Plan #6520

Avoid sending photos, watching videos and scrolling on Instagram when you are not connected to Wi-Fi.
If you are going to a place where you know you will not have connection, download as much info as you can so you can view it offline.
Turn off push notifications for things like social media posts.
Adjust settings so certain apps (Netflix, You Tube) can run only when Wi-Fi is on (in settings, tap Wi-Fi Only).
Reduce the quality on data-hogging apps (for Facebook, turn off “Enhance photos automatically”).

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Thanks to: Claudio - Roselle - USA. - rec.:Oct 5, 2016 - pub.:Oct 5, 2016 - sent.:Feb 15, 2017
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