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Get to know the locals #649

Wherever you go, locals are the key to finding out the best places to go whether it be for a nice dinner or to a deserted beach. Befriending locals can bring you knowledge of all the secret places that most tourists dream of. Take the time to talk to people and you'll get some good tips on where to go and end up learning a lot more about the places you visit.

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Thanks to: Sarah Peterson - New York - USA. - rec.:Oct 1, 2002 - pub.:Oct 2, 2002 - sent.:Dec 8, 2017
On Traveling: #2169

"If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion, and avoid the people, you might as well stay at home."
- James Michener

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Thanks to: Mary Yousaf - Eugene, OR. - USA. - rec.:Jan 15, 2004 - pub.:Feb 2, 2004 - sent.:Feb 11, 2015
Be prepared #885

Find a service that you can contact before you arrive in your chosen destination area that will give you a "Heads Up" about the area. Such a service should be able to give you maps, door-to-door directions, area attraction brochures, as well as set up reservations for transportation, dining, lodging, tours and local attractions.

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Thanks to: L H Resources - Salem - USA. - rec.:Dec 9, 2002 - pub.:Dec 13, 2002 - sent.:Jul 26, 2015
Safety in Travel in Africa Countries #5160

Article One
Tips for Travel (lesson 1) AFRICA
Let's begin by first explaining to those of you who may think that Africa is one country. Africa is a continent, with many countries. The only part of the continent which has the name of Africa, is South Africa. So if you are ever offered a free trip to 'Africa' please make sure you ask which country in Africa. The following basic tips have to do with anyone, but especially females, who are planning a trip to any of the countries in Africa. It is especially important to take advice from many different forums prior to any sort of travel to a country which you are unfamiliar with; have never been to before; may be traveling alone; and/or know absolutely no one who lives in the country.
1. Not Advisable to Travel Alone

Despite the fact that this is just plain old common sense many people just do not heed the advice. You need to understand that you are in a foreign country. Regardless of whether you are in a major city, like Nairobi, or out in the wilderness with an overland group, you are always susceptible to unscrupulous characters and vulnerability.

2. When Travel is with a Group

Your group leader should advise you of any and all rules pertaining to the area you are in at the time. If they do not, then you need to ask questions. You should be advised of any no-go areas within the city, and you need to abide by them. You will not be given special treatment simply because you are not a national of the country, ignorance is not a remedy.
• Again, never travel alone away from the group. Always go in pairs at the very least.
• Always have contact information with you, in your bag and on your person.
• Always ensure that others know where you are going and when you plan to return. More importantly, if you are able, call your group when you arrive at your destination and again when you start your return.
• Do not carry expensive items in a manner which will make you a target. You are already an obvious tourist, which means you are a target, but do not have loads of gadgets hanging all over your body advertising that you have expensive equipment. It doesn't impress anyone; it just makes you an easy mark.
• Do Not pull all your cash out of your pocket to count in public. You really shouldn't carry large amounts of cash. If you do the first thing you need to know is that most of that cash should be kept either in a safe at your hotel, or in a safe located in the vehicle used for the group travel. Again your group leader will have the proper method. If you insist on having the cash on your person, then split the money up in to several small amounts and carry them in different places on your person, not just your wallet. Note: Please do not have those fanny packs, or butt-bags hanging on your person with your wallet and valuables inside. Seriously, I know it's convenient, but again not a good idea. If you insist on using one, then use it for diversionary means only. Keep your sweeties and gum inside.
• Always be aware of your location, and people around you. Basically notice people around you, the faces, and if someone seems to be hovering around you and your movements. Many people put on blinders, again the tourist euphoria syndrome, thinking that they go unnoticed. The truth is that when it comes to career criminals, you have already been spotted.
• Do Not think or assume that every person is trying to get one over on you, or is trying to steal from you. Just be aware, be safe and be cautious and simply follow some basic guidelines to ensure that other know where you are at all times.

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Thanks to: tama - United Kingdom - rec.:Apr 16, 2007 - pub.:May 8, 2007 - sent.:Apr 15, 2009
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