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Why women should watch their waistline. #5898

While putting on weight in general can have negative effects on your health, belly fat is particularly unhealthy.
Recommendations call for women to; keep their waist measurement under 35 inches. A waist size of 35 inches or more may increase your risk of: Cardiovascular disease, Diabetes, Gallbladder problems, Colorectal cancer, Breast cancer, Metabolic syndrome, High blood pressure, Stroke.

In a large study of nearly 45,000 women who were followed for 16 years, researchers found that having a large waist size increased their risk of dying of cardiovascular disease, even if they were not generally overweight. A large European study involving nearly 360,000 people also found that their overall fat content and abdominal fat content were strong predictors of their risk of death.

Some evidence also suggests that having a large waist measurement increases your risk of developing urinary incontinence and your risk of developing dementia later in life.

- Mayo Clinic-

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Health Quicks #5906

The portion sizes in most restaurants are far more than what your body needs – or should consume. Luckily, there is a solution. When dining out, eat only half of what you are given, then take the rest home for lunch the next day.

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Working outdoors on hot days? #5899

Heatstroke is the most severe type of heat exhaustion, often resulting from exercise or heavy exertion in hot environments combined with inadequate fluid intake. When working in the heat, heed the warning signs of heat exhaustion and get out of the heat before a serious problem develops. What makes heatstroke severe and potentially life-threatening is that the body’s normal mechanisms for dealing with heat stress, such as sweating, aren’t working properly.

Take these steps to reduce your risk of heat-related injury if you work outdoors in hot weather.
Wear loose-fitting, lightweight, light-colored clothing.
Drink plenty of fluids, even if you are not thirsty. A good rule of thumb is to drink two to four 8-ounce glasses of cool fluids each hour. Avoid drinking alcohol or sugary drinks.
Rest frequently in a cool spot.
If possible, work with a buddy so that you can monitor each other for signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion, such as heavy sweating or a rapid pulse. If you have those problems, it’s time to stop and cool down.

Signs and symptoms of heatstroke, the most serious kind of heat exhaustion includes:
High body temperature, generally more than 104º F, Cessation of sweating, Rapid and shallow breathing, Irritability, confusion or unconsciousness, Rapid heart rate and pulse.

If you notice such signs or symptoms, get the person into a cool place and call your local emergency number

-Mayo Clinic-

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Make and keep friends #5922

A 2009 study suggests that people who have strong social networks and who are not easily stressed may be less likely to develop dementia.

- Mayo Clinic -

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