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Add Fitness to your Daily Routine. #716

If you find you can't devote enough time to getting in shape as you would like, there are still plenty of ways you can keep your body active while going about your normal routine.
Try to use stairways instead of elevators whenever possible.
If you can walk there or take a bike, let your body burn energy instead of taking your car.
If you are driving, instead of wasting time looking for a good spot, park further away and walk a couple extra blocks.
Turn your housework into a fitness challenge: Sweep and mop using as much energy as possible, exaggerating your arm movements. Fold your clothes and do a couple sets of squats at the same time. Whatever you're doing try and incorporate in some sort of routine that gets your muscles working and heart rate moving.
And if you absolutely can't miss your favorite show on TV, try doing some sit-ups and push-ups while you watch or during commercials.


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